Local and State Tax Information for Weakley County, TN

Local Taxes

Property Tax Rates (Rate Per $100 Value of Assessed Value)
Weakley County: 2.17
Dresden: 1.31
Gleason: 1.39
Greenfield: 1.25
Martin: 1.48
Sharon: 1.63
Residential Assessment Ratio: 25% of Appraised Value
Industrial Assessment Ratio: 40% of Appraised Value
Personal Assessment Ration: 30% of Appraised Value
Sales Tax: 2.75%

State Taxes

Sales Tax: 7.0%
Income Tax: None
Corporate (Excise): 6.5% of Net Earnings
Corporate Franchise Tax: $.25 per $100 of Capital Property
Corporate Unemployment Tax: 2.7% - First $7,000 in Wages