Area Economic Snapshot & Workforce Area Map

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Population (2014) 302,336
Jobs (2014) 143,869
Average Earnings (2014) $34,757
Unemployed (5/2014) 10,996
Completions (2013) 6,705
GRP (2013) $7,381,772,738
Exports (2013) $12,701,233,512
Imports (2013) $15,443,196,835

Economy Overview Area includes the following counties: Tennessee (Weakley, Obion, Dyer, Gibson, Carroll, Henry) and Kentucky (Fulton, Calloway, Hickman, Graves)

See below for a full list of reports pertaining to workforce in the Weakley County, TN area.

Weakley County Commuting Region_Economy with Charts (PDF)
Weakley County Commuting Region_Educational Attainment Overview (PDF)
Weakley County Commuting Region_Population with Some College (PDF)