Area Economic Snapshot & Workforce Area Map

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Population (2014) 302,336
Jobs (2014) 143,869
Average Earnings (2014) $34,757
Unemployed (5/2014) 10,996
Completions (2013) 6,705
GRP (2013) $7,381,772,738
Exports (2013) $12,701,233,512
Imports (2013) $15,443,196,835

Economy Overview Area includes the following counties: Tennessee (Weakley, Obion, Dyer, Gibson, Carroll, Henry) and Kentucky (Fulton, Calloway, Hickman, Graves)

See below for a full list of reports pertaining to workforce in the Weakley County, TN area.

Weakley County Commuting Region_Economy with Charts (PDF)
Weakley County Commuting Region_Educational Attainment Overview (PDF)
Weakley County Commuting Region_Population with Some College (PDF)


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  2000 2010
Weakley County 34,895 35,021
Martin 10,515 11,473
15 Mile Radius 54,870 54,934
30 Mile Radius 170,530 167,924
60 Mile Radius 382,752 390,485



Inflow / Outflow Counts of Primary Jobs in Weakley County, TN

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Worker Totals and Flows Count Share
Employed in Selection Area 9,985 100.0
Employed in Selection Area but Living Outside 4,635  46.4 
Employed and Living in the Selection Area 5,350  53.6 
Living in Selection Area 10,844 100.0 
Living in Selection Area but Employed Outside 5,494 50.7
Living and Employed in Selection Area 5,350 49.3



Workforce training in Northwest Tennessee is provided by the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology in conjunction with the Northwest Tennessee workforce board.

Two locations Serve the Weakley County Area:

  • TCAT Paris, Tennessee - Website
  • TCAT McKenzie, Tennessee - Website
    • (also has a branch in Dresden, TN)
  • Northwest TN Workforce Board - Website

Training Offered:

  • Machine Tool
  • Welding Technology
  • Computer Operations
  • Electronics Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Business Systems Technology
  • General Metals
  • Robotics
  • Surgical Technology


Higher Education in Northwest TN Since 1900


The University of Tennessee at Martin, which is part of the University of Tennessee system, has an enrollment of approximately 8,500 students. UT Martin offers 75 undergraduate degree programs and six Masters degree programs.

  • Undergraduate Majors:
    • College of Agriculture and Applied Science
    • College of Business and Global Affairs
    • College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
    • College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
    • College of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Master’s Degrees:
    • Agriculture
    • Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Business Administration
    • Education

Developing Engineers for Weakley County Industry

The University of Tennessee, Martin College of Engineering works closely with industry in the region to provide a highly educated workforce.

  • The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences offers a B.S. degree in engineering with the following majors:
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree is ABET accredited with the focus on both the theoretical and practical applications, which are reinforced by hands on laboratory experiences, state of the art computer software and real world projects.