Size: Approximately 253,000 square feet
Number of buildings: One single story industrial building
Ground: Approximately 44 acres
Building dimensions: 400’ x 600’


Floors: 6” reinforced concrete; 8” reinforced concrete in 16,000 square foot crane area
Walls: Brick on concrete block
Roof: Single-ply rubber membrane; 202,000 square feet installed in 1996-1998, 38,000 square feet installed in 1986
Columns: 8” steel “I” beams

Date of construction:
1970 @ 194,000 square feet
1976 @ 57,600 square feet

Condition: Very good
Ceiling heights: 20’4” clear
Column spacing: 40’ x 40’

Fencing: 6’ chain link fence with barbed wire secures rear of building


Natural gas: Supplied by Weakley County Co-Op; 5” main, 2” line
Water: Supplied by City of Martin; 10” main, 2” line
Sewer: Supplied by City of Martin; 8” main, 2” line
Power: Supplied by Weakly County Municipal (from TVA); 3 pad-mounted transformers, 480/277 volts, three 1,600 amp buss duct

Sprinkler system: 100% wet system

Lighting: Strip fluorescent and metal halide

Heating: Gas-fired ceiling units

Air conditioning: 100% air-conditioned by York chillers via air handling units (chillers currently disconnected)

Boilers: Two Continental gas boilers (not currently active)

Ventilation: Exhaust fans and louvers

Compressed air: One Ingersoll-Rand 150 hp screw compressor and one Ingersoll-Rand 75 hp reciprocal compressor; one Ultra air dryer and air tank; airlines and drops throughout facility

Process steam: Two 1,000,000 BTU Continental boilers (inactive)


Main Office: Attractive, glass front, air-conditioned, two-story office totaling 10,560 square feet with painted walls, recessed strip fluorescent lighting and 2’ x 4’ acoustical ceiling tile featuring a reception area, 13 private offices, 4 general offices, a raised floor computer room and a large conference/training room.
Plant Office: Three plant offices totaling approximately 4,000 square feet featuring a cafeteria, personnel, conference room and first aid room with several private offices.
Employee canteen: 2,400 square foot employee cafeteria / break area
Parking: Paved, lighted and marked parking for approximately 400 cars

Men: 2 toilets, 2 lavatories, 3 urinals
Women: 3 toilets, 3 lavatories

Men: 9 toilets, 9 lavatories, 5 urinals, 1 180 degrees Bradley
Women: 10 toilets, 11 lavatories

First Aid Room: 1 toilet, 1 lavatory


East Wall:
- One 12’ x 14’ drive-in door
- One 10’ x 10’ drive-in door
- One 20’ x 15’ interior dock
- One 15’ x 15’ interior dock (formerly rail door)

North Wall:
- Ten 8’ x 10’ dock high doors with canopy, levelers, dock seals and lights
- One 12/ x 10’ dock high door with leveler, dock seal and lights

South Wall:
- Four 8’ x 10’ dock high doors with canopy, levelers, weather seals and dock lights

Rail: Provided by West Tennessee Rail, which borders property; internal rail spur currently inactive

- One P&H 10-ton overhead crane; 40’ span, 200’ run, 14.5’ hook height
- One P&H 7.5-ton overhead crane; 40’ span, 200’ run, 14.5’ hook height

2015 TAXES

County: $25,619
City: $18,060
Total: $43,679 or $0.17 per square foot


$35,766 or $0.14 per square foot


Ideally located ¼ mile from US Hwy. 22 providing four-lane access to the Purchase Parkway and Interstate 40.


- 1,600 square foot exterior storage area
- Dover elevator/lift to second floor cafeteria area
- 3,600 square foot free-standing, raised mezzanine in shipping area
- Explosion-proof paint storage area
- Exterior security lighting